Sunday , 17 December 2017

Spy-Drone Hunting Permits Expected To Be Big Sellers

600x300-another-drone-picIn the small town of Deer Trail, CO, a law under consideration would allow hunters to purchase a hunting permit to shoot down any drones over the town’s airspace.

With the license, hunters would then be given a bounty system – any person with a viable permit and pieces of a shot down drone will be given $100.

“It’s just like the old days when my ancestors hunted down them there Redskins for bounties,” said Colorado pot farmer Clayton Reginald IV. “We didn’t let no Indians take our pot.

I sure as hell ain’t gonna have no government spies on drones take my pot either. Hey – hand me them there chips, wouldya? Kinda hungry talkin’ to you about this.”

The FAA has stated that no one is actually allowed to shoot down drones because they control the airspace, but Reginald says he doesn’t care. “I don’t let nothin’ come in my airspace,” he said. “Not even the missus unless she smells real nice and has made me some meatloaf.”

He chuckled. “At $100 per drone, that’s a lot of meatloaf.”

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